Can your products be washed?

Yes of course. Hand washing in 30 C degrees is recommended. Better use green soap.Seams in my accessories are strong enough to be washed in a washing machine ( program – cotton) . There is a tag with the instriuction how to wash.

Can I lenghten a belt?

Certainly! Just let me know how much I should lenghten your belt or give me your hip circumference in the note window.

My hip circumference is „x” – is the waist bag fine for me?

Maximal standard circumference of waist bag is 108 cm, 110cm (BOHO) and 70cm (kids)- the bag needs to have extra 15 cm for comfort. When your bag is full or worn on a blouse the belt has to be loosen that is why this extra length is so important ( especially for men- their hips are different than women’s). Do not buy too small bag – let me know and I will prepare longer belt.

Is MINI waist bag much smaller than STANDARD?

There is quite a big difference in capacity despite the fact it means only a few cm. You should wonder what you are going to carry in your bag – if you need more space I recommend STANDARD one but if you like minimalism the MINI version will be perfect for you. What can you put in MINI waist bag? Phone, medium wallet, keys and tissues.

Is KIDS waist bag good for 3/7/10 years old child?

It does not matter how old the child is- only hip circumference . The circumference is good for kids between 1,5 to 12 years old but the belt must have extra 15 cm of length. If the belt is too long you can always cut short it and cauterize it by a lighter. Do not forget to keep extra lenghth. If the belt is too short just let me know and I will sew a new belt for free.

I’ve got a nice textile. Can you sew a waist bag for me?

Of course! If you wish it just send me an e mail, attach a picture of the material and then I will tell if it is ok. We will choose color of the belt, zipper and lining. The cost of the pouch depends on the size, kind of my materials and it fluctuates between 70 zl to 150 zl. I love making your dreams true!

Individual orders.

At the moment we do not implement individual orders which are not in our offer. You can change color, belt, zipper or fabrics ( for lining or a back of the pouch).To do this – go to „ Upgrade a waist bag” . It is not possible to change anything in bags which are already sewn.

What about impregnated paper? Can it dissolve while washing or in the rain?

No it can’t! What is more,it becomes softer after contact with water. The paper is deeply moistened by latex. That is why it does not let the water pass on the other side. It also vaporizes water. Moreover, it does not dissolve in water because of its tight structure. Paper products can be washed in a washing machine or handwashed. You can also use piece of cloth – do not worry about seams , they are very strong.

If I make an order today is it possible that I will get it the next day?

Unfortunatelly it is not possible. If you buy something that is already done you can come to my workshop and get it. I also send them after the payment is credited to my bank account. Remember that your order can be delivered within 1-2 days. Sometimes you must wait up to 5 weekdays (it depends when you pay).

When can I expect a parcel?

You will get a number of a letter after mailing it. You can see where your package actually is. I send parcels via Pocztex48 ( max 2 weekdays for delivery, if you do not pick it up it will wait for you in the post office), Polish Post as registered priority letters ( delivery -about 3 weekdays) and Paczkomat ( delivery -about 2-3 weekdays). Remember that during holiday periods the time of delivery can be longer. It is not my fault.

How long is order delivery date?

Up to 5 weekdays but usually about 3 weekdays. If you would like to get our product immediately, go to „ off-the-shelf”. Those products I send them right away after your payment. Time of implementing is different than delivery time, you should add 2 or 3 weekdays.

Can I come to your workshop to see your products?

Yes, but let me know. Due to many orders I do not have time to sew extra products. Go to „off-the-shelf” – if you do not find anything for you I will prepare it.

When can I see new products?

New products are updated every Friday and they depend on my free time.

Can I count on a discount?

There are only two days in a year when you can get discount – in my birthday ( 10th of July) and Black Friday ( the last Friday in November). Discounts are available for clients who receives Newsletter ( you get one-time gift -10zl if the cost of your order is higher than 50 zl). Moreover, I pay for shipping if your order is higher than 200 zl.