About Joanka Z.

Who am I? Some claims that I am an artist but I think I am a craftsman.

I have started sewing when I was in the third year of my studies. When I was looking for clothes and other accessories in chain stores I understood that I was able to make those things but at higher level of quality.So I decided to sew them myself and show show on my blog, which still exists, joanka-z.blogspot.com. Studies in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts sensitized me to colours and textures and showed me the importance of patience. As art historian I choose fabrics which reffer to polish folk and fabrics form England with flowery patterns. These english textiles are inspired by William Morris style who lived in XIX th century.

After a few years of educating, self-improvement and searchings I have changed my passion into profession. I can offer you what I could not find: high quality products made of natural fabrics which are strong, practical, beautiful and made very precisely.I combine natural fabrics with eco leather so that they last longer and are vegan friendly. All my products can be used by years and what is the most significant – I put my heart and full commitment in my work.

Every element of clothes and accessories chosen by us reveals our personality.
I want to offer you naturalness in practical form.